Shuntaro Tanikawa, “Evening”


For the sake of night that meets the dead
there remains today a single evening;
in the faint darkness
the neck of a turning girl.

For the sake of tomorrow for the poor
there remains today a single evening;
holding hands
and going home,
children are singing.

– – –

Picked up this book randomly today. Glad I did, for it’s filled with beautiful poems. “Shuntaro Tanikawa is the most popular poet in Japan today, respected by literary critics and general readers alike.” It also has little notes in it, I guess from the original buyer. Little sheets of paper with quotes from the poems they’re stuck next to. But there’s one that reads:

Sadly, my loves,
I could pick few of you
out in a crowd
Lynn in Mankato Mall

Looks like I got some extra poetry with my poetry today!

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