“When I forget how to talk, I sing.”

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Jeff Tweedy, “She’s a Jar.” My new mantra, it seems. Usually you choose the mantra but this one chose me. It’s from the second song on Wilco’s album Summerteeth, a song I’ve probably listened to 100+ times over the years. I know every word. But somehow this one time this one line hit me and hit me hard. Incredible how you can hear a thing over and over and over and it never gets you, or you never get it. And now I can’t get it out of my head. It’s following me and it feels good.

Donald Hall, “The Ninth Inning”
Shuntaro Tanikawa, “River” and “Song of March”
  • Good Sir:

    Is Jeff “Tweedy” a pseudonym? I Hope and Trust that you will forgive the apparent Effrontery, but being of unusual Surname mineself, it does occur to me to ask.

    Verily, I know what you mean with regard to a song getting stuck in your head. When this Happens to me, I similarly say to mineself: “She’s ajar.” By that, kind Sir, refer I to mine own goodly Head; for it seems to me that surely I must have left it just a tad ajar, or at least askew and if only metaphorically, for a Song to have entered There in such an unwitting manner.

    In Fraternal Admiration – you seem an able Man of Letters.


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