For Whom the Hemingway Tolls


I am reading my first Ernest Hemingway novel. For Whom the Bell Tolls. It is good so far. It takes place in Spain. I have read all of his short stories which I love, never any of his novels. People are shocked to hear this, however it is true. Yes, not even The Old Man and the Sea. I know I was supposed to read that in high school like everyone else. I did not. I am not sure why. His style takes some time to get used to but is a welcome change after the rambling sentences of so many other books I have read lately. Did you know Hemingway stood up at a desk to write? This seems appropriate to me. When you think about it it just seems right.

I went to Hemingway’s grave high in Sawtooth mountains of Idaho once. It is a slab in the ground with his name on it. This also seems appropriate to me. Further on down the road there is another memorial to him, a bust resting on a pillar in the woods, next to a creek. All the lands and people he visited in his life, and he is buried in Idaho. This is all I have to say about Hemingway for the moment.

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