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“Poesy” is a fun old word for writing poetry. Maybe I should say “making” poetry, because it is happening around us all the time, the making of poetry. If poetry is a record of action and feeling, then poesy is the action or the feeling itself which makes the poetry.

A sweatshirt is warmth. A sweatshirt is old and familiar, it shares a history with you. In a sweatshirt you feel most comfortable.

So if you put it all together, “Sweatshirt Poesy” is about being comfortable making, reading, writing, recognizing, and enjoying poetry – poetry both in the literal sense and in the more flexible metaphorical sense. It acknowledges that many people don’t like or are in some way afraid of poetry. The aim of this blog is to dissolve that feeling in people. My idea is to present poetry and language in a way that makes people less apprehensive about reading and discussing poetry, and maybe pass on some knowledge on the subject, whether purposefully or accidentally.


My three R’s are reading, writing, and rocking out. I’m getting better about not correcting people’s grammar on the spot. Easier to keep friends that way. I believe somewhat in the Oxford comma. It just looks nice. So, there, Vampire Weekend. My own poetry is here.

Poems and photography by Jackson Hays on jacksonhays.tumblr.com and sweatshirtpoesy.com are copyright 2009. blog posts/articles/essays, whatever you wanna call them, are protected under the Creative Commons license.